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"To offer a broad range of high-quality entertainment that nurtures cultural experience, participation and community engagement among residents and visitors of all ages, and enhances the economic vitality of the region."


Board Members:


Linda Tuthill, President

Ron Spears, Vice President

Jennifer Shoup, Treasurer

Donna Morgan, Secretary

Sandra Thompson, Executive Director

Janet Blake

Rhona Frazin

Dave Knoebber

Shelley Stern Grach

Bill Bielby

Glen Cox

David Fink

Kim Clark

Donna Wetzler


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History of the Acorn Theater Building

Three Oaks, Michigan was well established as a rural trading center as far back as 1883.  There was, however, no industry located in the town. Because of a strong conservative value system, the village had stymied most plans for expansion within the region.  However, an event occurred at this time that would have a profound effect on the area and forever change the future of its inhabitants.


Turkey feathers — the bane of every farmstead cook — would be the one thing that would change the destiny of Three Oaks.  In June of 1883, Edward K. Warren obtained patents on a new substance called “featherbone.”  Made from the heavy quill feathers of the turkey, featherbone would revolutionize the women’s garment industry and transform Three Oaks into the center of a worldwide manufacturing conglomerate.


The process for making featherbone was published in an article in magazines and newspapers across the country in 1883, and was described as follows:


“The first thing is to strip the feathers of their plumage.  Rollers with knives attached split the quills in half.  Sandpaper rollers revolving rapidly remove the pith.  Then, a series of interlocking knives reduce the quills to fiber.  In this state, the material is fed into a machine that forms it into a strong fine cord; at the same time it is being wound with thread.  In another machine, four of these tightly wound cords are wound together with thread, in such a manner as to form a flat tape.”


Almost immediately, the demand for featherbone surpassed even the expectations of Warren himself.  His company, which had started with a workforce consisting of a foreman and five others, grew into a two-shift operation employing seventy-five full time workers within a nine-month period. Sales had grown from $7,000 the first year, to $80,000 the second and to a staggering $800,000 by June of 1886.  Branch factories were started in Middleville MI, Porter IN, and St. Thomas, Canada.  Branch offices were opened in major cities throughout the country as well as many foreign cities, thus making the Warren Featherbone Company a truly worldwide operation.


Visitors from Chicago can reach Three Oaks, Michigan, a great day or weekend getaway, by taking Highway 94 East to Exit 4-A, four miles East of the Michigan state line.


Visit www.threeoaks.org for more info.


Accommodations:  Go to www.harborcountry.org for a listing of hotels and Bed and Breakfasts in the area.